AsiaCommerce Membership Package

Want to Find Thousands of Imported Products For Your Business Needs Without Confusion How To Import
Asiacommerce responds to all your needs. Starting from the procurement of goods, delivery of goods, to the processing of letters procedures import of goods.


Custom Product Sourcing Team

We help to find the product by our product seeker team.

Trending Product Access

Access to trending products from China’s top marketplaces

Import & Export Education

We will teach step by Step on how to Import from Beginners to Expert

Door-to-Door Shipping

We serve the ordering of goods ranging from pickup at the supplier’s address, to delivery to the customer’s hand from a Chinese supplier.

Warehouse Ready

We have a warehouse located in Guang Zhou China and Indonesia to do quality control and checking

Supplier Negotiation

If you don’t understand the local language (Mandarin) or do not understand how to negotiate with suppliers, you do not have to worry, Asiacommerce staff will handle it.

Membership FAQ

Why do you need to join Our Membership ?

The benefits of our membership service are: – – create product requests
supplier negotiation
– weekly hot product recommendations
– access to catalogs from all countries
– import & export Education
– priority support from AsiaCommerce

How do we determine which membership is right for us?

Premium Membership is perfect for those of you who are beginners and want to sell E-commerce and want to get more value from AsiaCommerce.

VIP membership is perfect for those of you who are already selling and want to have priority services from AsiaCommerce.

How to be a member of Asia Commerce?

1. Determine which membership package would suit your business’s needs.

2. Join our membership by registering in this link

3. After registering, please confirm to AsiaCommerce and enjoy the services AsiaCommerce has to offer.

For more questions about membership packages or payment, please contact:

How to become a dropshipper?

Our product procurement membership is perfect for dropshippers.

Because the membership allows members to access services in the form of supplier sourcing assistance, negotiation, goods consolidation for dropshipping, and AsiaCommerce can arrange shipping to each of your buyers.

What kinds of products can be sourced?

There are 2 types of products that can be outsourced;

Fashion Products
Examples: clothes, scarves, bags, shoes, women’s accessories, belts, and others.

Products in this category cannot be precisely sourced by nature because the nature of these products are different, so we can only recommend products that are similar to what you are looking for.

Non-fashion products
Examples: household products, kitchen products, electronics, furniture, food, cosmetics, and supplements.

Products of this type are the types of products that can be searched precisely because usually these products can be searched based on specs and categories.