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AsiaCommerce Has A Mission To Help Your Business And Facilitate Your Business Operations By Offering You The Best Export Solutions.
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Are you experiencing the following problems when exporting?

  • Having trouble finding potential buyers?
  • Confused and don’t know how to manage goods logistics?
  • Having trouble with customs clearance?
  • Confused about calculating the costs incurred?
  • Having a hard time when you have to take care of special documents for your export goods?

What if all the difficult export processes for you could be solved with just one easy step?

At AsiaCommerce, we have several services that can help with your export problems


AsiaCommerce will assist you in finding potential buyers so that your products can be widely circulated in the global market.


AsiaCommerce helps you in managing customs clearance so you can focus on the production of your goods. Including calculating the cost of your custom goods.


AsiaCommerce will monitor your goods from the delivery process until your customer receives your goods. Through our collaboration with logistics partners, it’s easy to get your goods to your customers’ places.


AsiaCommerce provides the best service for you. We will also help determine if the item you are exporting has any special documents to include. Not only that, we also help manage these documents to your customers.


  • Potential market search
  • Searching for your prospective buyers
  • Consultation and clarification of your product market

  • Management of all export requirements and documents
  • Calculating all export costs

  • Shipping by air worldwide
  • Shipping by sea to all over the world

  • Pickup and delivery of goods
  • Item information and tracking
  • Last delivery at your destination/buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to export but don’t have an overseas buyer yet?

You can search for your buyers through the go4worldbusiness website or join a platform like alibaba.com first. However, if you want AsiaCommerce help to sell your products, then you can contact the AsiaCommerce team for assistance.

How to become an AsiaCommerce supplier/vendor?

If the product you want to export is a domestically made product and is certified by BPOM / SNI / others and is first-hand, then you can register at the following link: https://indobuybuy.com/ and confirm with the AsiaCommerce team if you have registered, so that Your products can appear in our catalog and we help you sell these products through our resellers.

Is it possible to export until the product reaches the buyer in the destination country?

Yes, AsiaCommerce will monitor your product from the start of the product delivery process until your customer receives your product. Through our collaboration with logistics partners, it’s easy to get your product to your customer’s place.

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