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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a basic membership and a premium membership subscription?

As you can see, we give a monthly basic membership to help you start, but if you want to really learn, i urge you to opt for premium membership where you can get many features below:
1. Weekly Mentoring Class with focus on South East Asia Business per week.
2. Product Sourcing Request and Supplier Negotiation
3. and many other Training Bonus special for premium membership users.

Is it true that I can directly source and dropship directly from 1688, Taobao and Tmall?

That’s right, we are also a Proxy specialist where you can just  use item URL link from 1688, Taobao and Tmall and use the link directly in our application to import the product into your Item List.

Do I absolutely don't have to understand Custom Clearance Regulations?

Lets face it. Custom Clearance regulations are very complex and it is more so in South East Asia. We strive to make things simpler for you since we will help to check all the customs rules and calculate all the customs tax costs upfront. You only need to choose what products you want to import and we will calculate all the tax and logistics costs.

I am afraid to buy bulk due to many bad perceptions in China

Don’t worry, because whenever you buy something ,  we will do a Quality check for every item you buy once the item arrived in our Guangzhou Warehouse. If it does not match the specifications (for example: the color is not the same), we will refund the goods to the supplier and refund the money back to you.

What makes AsiaCommerce different from other similar services?

We believe each of our clients has different import needs and we always help to analyze and propose the best solution for our clients.

Is it true that I can import from Alibaba only with just Basic Membership?

Yes, we do not limit which Platform you want to source from.

Can I do a Product Request?

Yes, if you join as a Premium Member, then you can make a Product Request to us and we will try to find the best price for the product you are looking for.

Can I import even if the volume is small?

Yes, as a South East Asia Specialist, we can also handle small volumes.  You can start importing per SKU with a minimum of 0.1 cbm.

Which goods can be sent?

Goods that can be imported must comply with South East Asia Custom Import regulations, and they must not in the form of:

  • Prohibited dangerous goods such as flammable or flammable items / liquids 
  • Illegal drugs
  • Original or replica firearms, explosives and ammunition
  • Pornographic and stolen goods
  • Items that fall into the category of valuable objects such as cash checks or securities, gold, silver, coins, and other precious stones
  • Live animals or plants
Want to Find Thousands of Imported Products For Your Business Needs Without Confusion How To Import
Asiacommerce responds to all your needs. Starting from the procurement of goods, delivery of goods, to the processing of letters procedures import of goods.


Professional Product Seeker Team

We help to find the product by our product seeker team.

Online Catalog Access

Access online catalog to import product from China’s top marketplaces

Quality Control

Our professional teamwill ensure good product quality and quantity of goods you receive according to your order.

Door-to-Door Shipping

We serve the ordering of goods ranging from pickup at the supplier’s address, to delivery to the customer’s hand from a Chinese supplier.

Warehouse Ready

We have a warehouse located in Guang Zhou China. This is to avoid unexpected situations of tax charges and duty imports – suspended goods at Customs, as well as unclear shipments.

Supplier Database

If you are difficult or do not understand how to negotiate with suppliers, you do not have to worry, Asiacommerce staff will handle it.

E-commerce Fulfillment Services

We serve the needs of your international dropship business. We will help you start from ordering, packing until delivery of goods to your customer.