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Can AsiaCommerce help purchase goods from China?

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Yes. Here are the steps:

  • From the client can do the sourcing of goods first to the supplier.
  • The client can request a PI (Proforma invoice) to the supplier for a purchase plan.
  • PI contains the calculation of the total purchase of goods at the supplier (supplier will make a PI if requested)
  • The PI obtained can be submitted to one of the Asiacommerce teams either through WA contact, live-chat, or by filling out the export/import request form at
  • If you need help contacting suppliers, negotiating prices, and requesting a PI by the Asiacommerce team, the client must first be registered as a membership. (Full information and membership registration can be accessed via )
  • The Asiacommerce team will help to quote the total cost to Indonesia based on the PI sent by the client. Either quote for sea, air, or b2c shipping as a consideration of the deal/no.
  • If a deal with the quotation is given, the Asiacommerce team will make an SO (sales order) as proof of the transaction and payment process.
  • Furthermore, the Asiacommerce team will contact the supplier of goods to assist in the order process starting from, purchasing, shipping, and handling related imports of goods.
  • Estimated air delivery is 2 weeks from the time the goods arrive at the Guangzhou Asiacommerce Warehouse
  • Estimated sea shipping is 1 month.